Friday, 22 October 2010

Pretty Ruffle dress

I walked into River Island to get a pair of over the knee socks for £7 and somehow I ended up walking out with £78 worth of shopping! HOW? grr ... SALES! (so its okay!!) I never find size 8 in the River Island sale so when I saw heaps of size 8 I grabbed it all and headed to the changing room and somehow they found their way IN TO MY WARDROBE! I promise it's not my fault!

I found this pretty ruffle dress and thought ooh interesting - I really would love all you fashionista's honest opinions! I thought it'd look quite cute with cowboy boots (maybe??) or even the pair of booties pictured!

(Click to enlarge)

One of the problems with living at home is that I have to stuff bags of shopping all in one bag so it doesnt look too bad and sneak it upstairs! But I always get caught boo. Does anyone else have the same problem?

P/S Thanks for all your fun comments on this fun post - some of you have crazy imagination lol. Mayonnaise?? HOW? I can definitely see baby in blanket, kidney bean and croissant! But the first thought that came into my head when I saw it was a loopy heart (I try to see hearts in everything lol) but it didn't quite work so I saw a bean. As I looked on, I see a pair of shades. I think its my inner self conveying a message to me by making me see a pair of shades - I WANT TO GO ON A HOLIDAY!


  1. Hah I used to get exactly that too, hiding my shopping! I used to dump my bags in the bushes outside my house or in the shed, and then sneak bak and get it when I was sure my mum was busy ie. in the bath or out.

    addicted to shopping? me? NEVER. ahem.
    thank god i live away from home for university!

  2. love that dress, shame about river island iv got gift vouchers still to spend it their!

  3. Loove the dress. I have a very cute bear of bootie heels that would look perfect with it!

  4. Binia: Wow that is hardcore!! And yes - living away from home can be dangerous lol :p

    glam n girly: Hereford!!!!

    Rorie: Thanks <3 its very girly dress hey.