Hello & welcome to this little space I use to try and write fun stuff. Not going to say much here in hope that you'll head towards the main page instead with an optional cup of tea & start finding out yourselves more about me & this blog itself!

Oh yes, I have something called 'Twitter' which I am still um not entirely sure what it really is. Maybe you can tweet me a hello & I'll slowly catch up on what I should be doing!

Hope you enjoy what you read,

Jay ♡

makes me smile:
making shapes out of clouds, star-gazing, cold side of the pillow in the mornings, a good yummy smoothie, my dog, being under the duvet, a nice cup of tea (with the right amount of milk), Pandas, travelling, scrabble, trying out new food, camping, Japan, languages, adventures, walking barefeet (especially in the rain) (not if its cold though), Tesco points, hearts, finding hidden gems...

not the biggest fan of:
driving on the motorway, too much options, sugar overload, self-centeredness, broken fingernails, Vodafone general customer services over the phone, overeating at BBQ's, sneezing whilst driving, oh i HATE it when that low petrol light flash at you. Makes me really nervous!