Sunday, 30 October 2011

Last Thursday was a big deal for me (work-wise) and I needed to dress for a confidence boost but at the same time not over-dress. I really hope the outfit screamed 'im serious' to others. I think it did because a cab driver asked if I worked for the government!

After the meeting I met up with a friend for coffee, it was really fun to be out of the office for one day! oh yes, since the last hair post I decided to go ombre! You can see a little from these pics but better pictures soon!! I was thinking of getting my fringe back but am enjoying the length at the moment!

River Island mustard dress - classic cut, comfortable and versatile - perfect on its own or with lots of fun accessories

What are your secrets for a confidence boost?
I need another one for tomorrow, wish me luck!



  1. You've gotta act confident. Then without realizing it, you'd overcome your fears. :D

  2. Love the outfit. I want your hair, so perfect!

  3. You look lovely. That dress is fab.

    Holli x

  4. @Gemma Hayley

    It is farrrrr from perfect!!! what you can't see is the very dry ends =/ but thank youu!

  5. @Dragon Mommy

    Thank you <3 at £25, what a bargain!