Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My date weekend

Last Friday I came home to a very happy pooch because he knew it was our date weekend!!

After some serious snuggles Saturday morning, we got ourselves prepped and ready for an adventure. Sun was shining but a definite chill in the air. We picked walk #32 from '50 walks in the Cotswold' - it sounded fun, weaving through Stroud Valley. All excited as I parked up the car and ready for our 6 miles walk only to realise the sexy Irish Satnav man took us to the wrong starting point! Patch ears dropped as I ushered him back in the car, luckily the right spot was only 3 minutes drive away phew!

Huge mansions watched on as we marched along disused canal with fallen leaves and a playlist of bird songs.

We met some rather lovely locals...

…who failed to warn us of the steep hill climb ahead of us =/ the gorgeous views did make up for it but it took every bit out of us. I don't know how Patch's little legs managed to cope, bless him!

It didn't take us long to agree that this indeed would be a lovely spot for lunch. We climbed over a stile into a field, made no effort to walk any more than we had to & slumped on the grass gasping for air after that ridiculously steep walk. A Walker's Sensation Thai Sweet Chilli crisps roll later (which I vote the best flavour in a bread roll), there was no time for a quick nap in the field. Dark clouds rolling in and we were only about 2/3 of our way!

We went through a woodland covered in brown leaves which even though was lovely I was too scared to stop for pictures because it was eerie and I felt our lives could be in danger if we stopped. Not long after that we find ourselves with another hill climb. No time to waste I told Patch, rain is coming! After this point, the rain came pouring; we had to hide behind a bush spying - I thought there was a drunk crazy man following us but luckily he had a dog with him, and turned out he was on the phone having an argument hence it seemed like he was shouting to himself =/ oh the joy in our hearts when we saw the black beauty (my car) waiting on the side of the road for our return!!!

The little one settled in and went for a snug and I on the other hand thought ooh must be someone famous stopping the traffic moving!!! (Rihanna maybe, seeing as she was filming in fields recently)

Oh noes, just some cows getting lost. One was feeding off a neighbour's tree, which is illegal in this country of course.

Despite aching muscles for next few days, it was indeed an adventure with my little love, getting lost and only relying on some words written on a piece of paper. This weekend, I have scheduled another date weekend with Patch but this time, perhaps less or no uphill? I worry for his little legs.

What did you do over the weekend and do you have a favourite walk you always do? Have you been to Stroud Valley? I'd love to hear your stories! xx


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