Saturday, 24 September 2011

Let's talk feet

Feet treats with garra fish have recently became the hype and are popping up all over the place in spas, beauty salons even in some shopping centre so I thought I'd write about my encounter with these nibblers whilst travelling in Malaysia. Dr. Fish has been around in Asia for quite a few years now, even longer in Turkey where it is used to treat skin disease and let these fishes nibble your whole body whilst lying down (apparently!)

A lot of places in England I've seen have these munchers in a little fish tank where you submerge your feet in them. Im not entirely sure of the procedures here and whether if you have to sterilise your feet first etc but the one we went to was rather posh in a big mall called Mid Valley in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The place was tastefully decorated throughout with wooden platforms, calming blue lights , magazines as well as a fun glass viewing area for shoppers to have a look. How odd, looking at someone's feet whilst shopping. mmm

First we had to sterilise our feet / lower legs before proceeding to greet these hungry creatures. There were 3 different types - small, medium and you guessed it, large. We started with the small and sure enough they crowd around your feet the second you plunge your feet in the water. Cue lots of squealing (like a piggy). It took me a while to build up the courage, but eventually, my feet went in. Now growing up with 2 brothers means I'm not particularly ticklish but these tiny little nibs here and there certainly took over any sense of immunity I've built up over the years. Even Jon found it difficult to not wriggle around. We then tried the medium fish which I found a tad scary as they are remarkably bigger in size than the cute little ones. I didn't stay for long because you certainly can feel their nibble and me no likey that even though it is a lot less ticklish! Needless to say, I took one look at the larger fishies and thought no you are an ACTUAL fish, go find some food yourself and off I went, back to the hungry little ones.

Here's the video:

My mum & Jon actually preferred the medium ones as they were less ticklish & more relaxing apparently. I couldn't bear the thought of actual animals feeding off me (fear of being someone/something else's food) so I stuck with the smaller ones. After all the commotion, I had fun just sat there reading a magazine drifting off to an afternoon nap …. 30 minutes session was more than enough as we washed our feet again & continued our shopping with softer legs in search for some fish food ourselves!

Personally, I don’t know if I felt any difference but the experience was definitely fun (see the video below). I'm also not entirely sure if it is that hygienic but I would say sterilising must help. The best part of this experience was the price! It worked out to be like I don’t know £5 for 3 of us, 30 minutes each in a luxurious place! Pretty amazing considering prices here are like £25 for 20 minutes in a basic tank! Funny story actually, it was mother's day then & they ran a promotion of buy 1 and your parents go free so I had to pretend Jon was my stepdad. My mum & Jon just stood there lost for words! Oh how I wish I took a picture of the receptionist's face. We are a funny bunch...We'd do anything for a spot of freebies we would.

Have you ever tried fish pedicures? What did you think of it? Do you think it helps, or do you have a feet phobia? I'd love to hear from you.

Jay x


  1. You were in Malaysia?!! Should have mentioned. I could have brought you around :)

  2. oh my!! i had one of these in one of those chains in the shopping malls! WEIRD!! it was really ticklish throughout, prob cuz the fish were all tiny.. good idea having medium ones! Feet didn't feel muxh different after it, but i heard that you're supposed to have a few treatments to notice a difference!

  3. @estherchew

    aww...there'll be a next time for sure! We can share travel stories x

  4. @Julia x

    Oh I couldn't understand medium ones, a bit too big for me haha. Ah it was fun overall but I wouldn't pay £20 for 20 minutes here! rip off! x