Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Ohmygoodness I didn't realise I'd be featured as a guest blogger here - all you lovely readers that came through here from Amy's site - Hellooo *waves I honestly didn't think it'd be posted as once I sent Amy the post I re-read it and thought oh it's rubbish & had asked Amy to not post it and to delete it! But thanks Amy, you've given me the motivation to get going!

I'm very sorry this page is a little sorry & lonely & messy & rubbish, I haven't had much time to start on it! Like the picture above, my life is a little in knots and tangles at the moment but now I am definitely motivated to make a start since being featured on Amy's blog! So definitely bear with me, all will be up & coming :)

You might know me from a previous blog I had started, if you do, this is my new one, so click follow on google friends! And if you're new here, Hello it'd be great if you would click follow I promise some great and fun posts coming up including a little Nip & Fab giveaway, some of the many weddings I've been to lately including Amy Antoinette's as well as LOTS and LOTS of travels posts seeing as I've just come back from a 6 months travel!

I am kicking my butt right now and going straight into blog-fixing.

See you all sooon
Jay xoxo

p/s I've recently started using Twitter, but I really have no idea what you do on Twitter lol. Here is me x

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  1. love the picture!