Friday, 30 September 2011

This week

1. How ridiculously adorable is this? Every time I see it it makes me laugh (I secretly want one for my dog lol)it’s the next step from having this:

2. On the subject of man's best friend … with my cousin's gorgeous Doberman Kito. He is huge - when he jumps up he is almost as tall as I am, easily pushes me over and hurts when he steps on my toes! They have a female Doberman called Starr as well which is smaller than Kito but her tail is like a whip! Dobermans usually are associated with being scary & aggressive but Kito & Starr could not be any more obedient, loyal and mellow! They let the kids ride them, very protective of them as well including a 9 months old baby and would make brilliant babysitters lol! It does take a lot of training though. Ah they are so cute.

3. Someone asked me how I got my blog name 'Happy Tin Soldier' - well it came from Father of the Bride 2 when they did the baby workout, watch it here! Do the baby workout, make the baby feel good!!! So where did you get yours??

4. I've always been quite a huge Hello Kitty fan and found out this week Forever 21 will be launching Hello Kitty range on November 18th!!! So cute! I hope they'll stock it in UK branches too. I really like the cardigan, subtle and cute! Love the jumper too, nerdy kitty = kawaii!

5. Hasn't this week just been absolutely gorgeous with the weather? Hope it lasts for a little while longer … *clings on to summer like a sloth on a tree I'll share with you all next week some beautiful sunset / sunrise pictures I took.

What will you be doing this weekend to enjoy the last of summer sun? I'll be in London for a hen do, pictures next week! Have a lovely weekend! x


  1. That first picture made my friday, too funny and cute. have a lovly weekend too.

    Liz Lizo

  2. Haha that dog outfit!
    I want two for my doggies :-)
    Holli x

  3. @Dragon Mommy

    What dogs do you have??? I'd love to have one for my dog and see people's faces & reaction when we walk around lol x