Tuesday, 20 September 2011

One syllable

Is that how you spell syllable? I'm in my robe & being way too lazy to check!

I had a really fun weekend, first camping (more later) and then driving for the first time to London (ok it was Kingston which is outside of London but still very near London lol) it was scary but with my trusted satnav in a sexy Irish voice, Im proud to say I made it there & back.

A spontaneous drive to London for a very fun occasion! A little meet up with the Posh&Becks of the blogosphere --- Tim & fourfeetnine Audrey! I had no idea but apparently this is the first meet up Audrey has ever done! I hope they had fun because Jon & I definitely did, we were in constant stitches of laughter!

There's Audrey, me & Jon with Jon looking very out of place and a pic of Tim & Jon.

We missed each other when Jon & I were travelling in Malaysia, but so glad we got to meet up eventually. As expected, the pair are absolutely gorgeous & just lovely!! Turns out Audrey used to read my blog back in the days when blogging was not cool (yet) and her host sister in Japan goes to the university in Kyoto that I went for a summer program! funny how the World works hey.

So here are a couple fun things about Audrey & Tim, which I'm sure you'd already know if you read their blogs! Audrey can't actually drink tea or coffee or I'd have definitely enjoyed filming her bouncing down London town like a little kangaroo! Um she can clap her hands above her head (very fun random fact). She loves museums & learning about history, especially torture chambers & how people used to be tortured. Tim, should you be worried? lol. As for Tim, is there anywhere he hasn't been? He is one well-travelled soul - I would have loved to have sat for hours just listening to his travel stories! Oh Audrey does.not.do.outdoors but im hoping to sparkle the fairy magic and sway her around with lots of outdoorsy stuff to be written here! oh oh oh and she is ACTUALLY 4 ft 9! I wanted to squish her. like bubble wrap.

We had really interesting chats about cultural differences, Japan (we both spent a year there), travels, history, blogs...I love it as it's not very often you meet someone for the first time and feel like you could have spent hours just blabbering on! There was so much to talk about, hopefully we'll have more time to dig into a good old natter next time! If I could sum Audrey up in 3 words, it'd be intelligent, lovely & down to earth. For Tim, Funny, good sense of humour & an irrational shopper. ha ha yes I like this on me, I will have three of them. lol.

They also told us that in Malaysia alone there's like over I dont know, a hundred thousand blogs? So if you've hopped over from Audrey's or Tim's blog, or anywhere else in the World, drop a comment or tweet, I'd love to read your blog as I realise how little I know about the blogging World and how few blogs I actually follow! Or perhaps you can tell me your favourite bloggers? If you think oh this blog is sad & empty, it really is hey, but all will change in due time. promise. promise. promise. It's in the middle of um a little construction period.

aaand finally, anyone know how old buildings in Oxford Circus are? Pre or Post war? oh and titled so because, it was one day with jon, jay, tim and aud. One syllable :)

p/s updated this new burogu (blog) with some posts from old burogu will shift & move around more this week :) x


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